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Pros and cons of floor-to-ceiling window in a new building

January 17, 2022

More recently, apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows become more and more popular. This is a current trend in interior design, because today the trend is bright apartments with a huge living room and free layout. Perhaps this article will convince someone to buy an apartment with such windows, and someone, most likely, will start trying such housing for size.

What is floor-to-ceiling window?

Floor-to-ceiling windows are the structures with the size of the entire or large area of the wall. Panoramic structures are installed in offices and shopping centres, residential and country houses. Today, such windows are not uncommon, because this is a modern trend in architectural design. In an apartment, sometimes there are low window sills installed at a distance of about 20-30 centimetres from the floor.

Such windows can be made of a variety of materials: aluminum, reinforced plastic, wood, stainless steel. Reinforced plastic windows are considered the most common and practical option, they are relatively inexpensive and at the same time convenient to use.

Glass for such windows can be the following:

  • universal (standard) – the glass used in ordinary windows;
  • quenched glass is a double-strength glass that can withstand minor impacts;
  • armored – the most durable type of glass, are sharp object impacts resistant, withstands dynamic loads, but this glass main disadvantage is low energy saving rates;
  • solar-protective glass – such glass looks like a mirror from the outside, and is transparent from the inside, it effectively absorbs part of the solar energy;
  • energy-saving – a feature of such glass is that it retains heat in the room, reducing heating costs.
America RC by RIEL Real Estate Corporation

Which apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows?

Apartments with large windows have gained popularity relatively recently. They used to make floor-to-ceiling windows mainly in greenhouses, because it was important to get the penetration of the maximum amount of sunlight, as well as in prestigious offices on the upper floors.

Housing with floor-to-ceiling windows can be bought in new residential complexes now. For example, if you are interested in an apartment with large windows from a developer, you should contact RIEL Real Estate Corporation, which offers apartments in modern new buildings in Kyiv and Lviv.

Lvivska Ploshcha RC by RIEL Real Estate Corporation

Interior solutions

Most often, a floor-to-ceiling windows in an apartment can be seen in duplexes. Duplex apartments are another new trend in architecture, and a large window perfectly complements such housing.

A popular interior solution is to install a floor-to-ceiling window in the living room. Usually, by such a window you can see only a sofa or a small lounge area. It is irrational and pointless to clutter up such a window with a lot of furniture or plants, because its main purpose is beautiful views and filling the home with plenty of sunlight.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are perfect for modern interior styles such as hi-tech, minimalism, loft, etc. This is a kind of urban solution that also performs a design function. Although you should be aware that the installation of such windows is not appropriate in all apartments.

Let’s consider the main advantages and disadvantages of such a window.


  1. Beautiful view. This is perhaps the main reason why new buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows are being built more and more often.
  2. The design harmonizes with most interiors. This is the central element of the interior, which is never ignored. The windows in the living room are complemented by soft armchairs and poufs. Another great solution is to put a bed near such a window. In this case, you can enjoy the picturesque view right from the bed.
  3. Aesthetics and attractiveness. Such windows represent an architectural and design trend. This is not surprising, because these houses look attractive and modern from the outside, while being exclusive and original inside.
  4. High level of illumination. Through floor-to-ceiling windows, more sunlight enters the apartment. Accordingly, this contributes to better health and mood. At the same time, sunlight can penetrate even into dark rooms, such as a corridor. Although if you place the mirrors correctly, you can provide natural light to the entire living space.
  5. Visual expansion of space. This is one of the most famous design techniques: putting a huge window in a small room makes the room seem much bigger. Visually, a floor-to-ceiling window can increase the area of the room up to 10 square metres, and “raise” the ceiling.


Unfortunately, an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows is not always relevant and appropriate, and this is primarily due to a number of disadvantages of such windows:

  1. Large heat loss. You should understand that glass is not a solid brick wall. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that there will be significant heat loss due to floor-to-ceiling windows, which, accordingly, will increase heating costs. And if you do not go to the expense of heating, then living in an apartment will most likely be uncomfortable, because you will have to put up with constant cold. To some extent, the installation of a powerful heating radiator near the window helps to solve this problem.
  2. Lack of privacy. If the apartment is located on the middle floors or there is another house opposite, then outsiders can watch your life through the large window. One of the best solutions is to install sun protection windows, but they are not cheap. Another solution is to use ordinary curtains or roller blinds. But in this case, the sense of such windows is lost.
  3. Risk of damage. If universal glass is used, there is a huge risk of accidentally breaking such a window. Any careless movement or accidental impact can result in an accident. Under most favourable conditions, it will get over with the need for window replacement.
  4. Risk of molds and mildew. Condensation can form on these windows in cold weather. If you fail to get rid of it, it is quite likely that molds and mildew will appear on the walls. And this may result not only in repairs, but also health problems for the residents of the apartment.
  5. Bad soundproofing. Modern double-glazed windows solve this problem just partially, so it is better to choose apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows away from noisy roads and central city streets.
  6. Difficulties with cleaning and washing. New buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows really look spectacular, but only if the windows are clean. Washing such a window on your own is almost impossible and extremely risky. Owners of apartments with large windows have to resort to the special companies’ services. And this is an additional expense item.


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