Residential Complex
Velyka Brytaniya
Residential Complex Velyka Brytaniya - quality and comfort at all times

The British inspired us with courageous inventions that are becoming a tradition for the whole world and do not lose their relevance. An equally modern and at the same time followed the best construction traditions there is a residential quarter Velyka Brytaniya. English meticulousness to architectonics reproduced by our architects in the clarity of the lines of the complex. Quarter combines pure British elegance, exquisite taste with good quality and refinement. The future owner of apartment in the Residential Complex Velyka Brytaniya will emphasize the aristocracy of his soul and affection for respectability.

Velyka Brytaniya is located near the historic center of Lviv. In addition to the residential complex, the project of the quarter includes a shopping center, a sports complex, parking, as well as a preschool institution and a school.

As you know, the British are able to respect their traditions. At the same time, they are brave innovators, creators of extraordinary solutions that become modern trends. Unchanged remains the special piety of the British in relation to their own home.

And how we all want to see our home? First of all, reliable. Nice to know that your reliable home in the Residential Complex Velyka Brytaniya will always remain modern.





Shopping center
Children's playgrounds
Modern elevator
Fitness center
Comfortable accommodation
Convenient traffic interchange
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