Residential Complex
Sherlock Holmes
Residential Complex Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes - hundreds of stories can be written in this house, one of which can be yours!

Who among us as a child did not want to visit the legendary Baker Street? A lot of cunning mysteries and the person of an outstanding detective attract guests from all over the world to this mysterious place. According to statistics, one in five UK residents considers that Sherlock Holmes was a real person. Citizens of Lviv can confirm - it not only exists but also looks great.

Make your childhood dream a reality - visit Baker Street!

Residential Complex Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes is located in the heart of the city. Everything is nearby - supermarkets, educational establishments, restaurants, beauty salons, cultural monuments, and a large stadium. Every resident of the complex will appreciate English comfort. And all the complex started from the street impresses with exquisite facades, incredible color scheme, original texture. And at the same time embodies mysterious beauty and elegance, comfort and extraordinary. The green terrace complements the lush look and allegedly says: "We have everything you need".

Apartments of Residential Complex Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes is valued for their vastness. Nothing superfluous – there is only elegance and home comfort. Here the soul is resting and there is an opportunity to get together. You will want to create it here.




Modern architecture
Accommodation in the city center
Underground parking
Comfortable accommodation
Functional planning
Roof terrace
Modern elevator
Children's playground
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