Residential Complex
Riel City
RIEL City. The city that it should be

It is impossible to build something new, guided by outdated approaches. We cancel the archaic, creating the city of our dreams.

RIEL City is a living space, not only a residential complex. And people, not "inhabitants" live in our housing estate. Our philosophy there is more time in the territory, for which an open infrastructure is created.

The entire RIEL City area is free of cars and riddled with wide pedestrian paths. Come out of the apartments more often, walking through a green garden, and then relax on numerous art benches. Or take a whole gazebo if you have a rest with a big company. After a rest try the workout zone, and if you go out to walk the dog – there are special poles with dog-bags and dog's urns at your service.

For children, we are building our own garden and 6 playgrounds.

The whole space is illuminated by lanterns with photocells, so you do not need to pay for the lighting of the area. And if you have an electric car, you will find charging stations in the underground parking. And, of course, the whole area is accessible for people with special needs.

We invite everyone to the RIEL City living space!



Smart apartments
6 playgrounds
Own kindergarten
5 sports grounds
Primary school
Charging stations for electric cars
Underground parking
The yard without cars
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