Residential Complex
Residential Complex Monet - the harmony of the city and nature

Claude Monet paintings have surprised contemporaries of the artist and enchant us to this day with a subtle feeling of nature, harmony, and calm. The Residential Complex Monet is just as cozy, comfortable, picturesque with balanced architecture. Inspired by the manner of the French impressionist, RIEL estate developer created the house as an organic continuation of the landscape.

Residential Complex Monet is located in the ecologically clean forest park area of Lviv. The house will become a real gift for people who appreciate the moment of unity with nature and care about the health of their family. Morning walks in the open air, picnics with friends near the house, sports in the tranquillity of nature, will become a reality for the residents of the Residential Complex Monet. And the picturesque landscapes from the windows of the house will bring balance, a sense of harmony and inspiration for everyday accomplishments.



Shopping center
Children's playgrounds
Modern elevator
Fitness center
Comfortable accommodation
Convenient traffic interchange
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