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Residential Complex Manhattan - a success will become your neighbor

New York, New York ... The city of ambitions, achievements, and passions. Where else life is so busy...?  Here there is a place only for the strong people, desperate and children of fortune. New York is often called the capital of the world. In this case, Manhattan, the heart of New York, is the metropolis of the capital of our entire planet. Millions of people strive to get here in search of luck and success.

Residential Complex Manhattan allows the residents of Lviv to settle down where dreams come true. Masters of their own destiny, leaders who integrate people around extraordinary ideas, individuals who first feel the direction of success in the Residential Complex Manhattan will feel good about themselves there.

Look at this residential complex - its architecture is magnificent, like Manhattan. The wealth of layers, levels, lines, shades combined not only in a wonderful but also a functional whole. Wide green terraces will be appreciated by people who are accustomed to conquering the peaks of life.

We managed to create a dynamic space for the full energy people and connoisseurs of every moment of life. Comfortable home planning, highly developed infrastructure will enable residents of the Residential Complex Manhattan to devote time to family, career, sports, and rest.



Shopping center
Children's playgrounds
Modern elevator
Fitness center
Convenient traffic interchange
Comfortable accommodation
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