Residential Complex
Dr. Watson
Residential Complex Baker Street. Dr. Watson is a new centerpiece of the ancient Lviv city

Who is a real friend? The time-tested person, who remains faithful through the years and is ready to be the shoulder at any moment. Even if you have talent and intelligence, you cannot do without a friend. The most striking example of this is Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson's tandem.

Is it okay to call a house a friend? Of course! After all, the RIEL estate developer took care that every resident of Residential Complex Dr. Watson feels free, safely and comfortably as well as with an old friend. Here, each family member will find his benefits. The child can find a modern and safe playground. The wife will be excited about everything she needs is near, from the grocery store to the gym. The husband will be convinced that he has chosen comfort and reliability for his family. Also, you will not have any reason to worry about your car or car of your guests - they will be awaited underground parking with a modern security system.

"Dr. Watson", like all the British, enjoys comfort and rationality but does not forget about elegance and sophistication. The facades of the building are executed in accordance with the principles of the latest design solutions, which combine the strictness of the lines with a restrained chic decoration. The residential quarter visually harmoniously interacts with the historical center of Lviv.

Residential Complex Dr. Watson is more than housing. It is a coziness, a smile of loved ones, a children's laugh, which remind true values. Only one thought that in the evening you will have a meeting with your own home, inspire to make an impossible.



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Children's playgrounds
Modern elevator
Fitness center
Comfortable accommodation
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