Residential Complex
Lvivskyi Kvartal
Residential Complex Lvivskyi Kvartal - it is easy to fall in love in this place

Hang out with friends for a cup of delicious Galician coffee and a real chocolate bar in a cozy courtyard in Lviv in the middle of Kyiv...

We like Lviv so much and recreated it in the historic part of the capital. In the coziness of the ancient Podil, a harmonious quarter of seven buildings has been grown. We are gathering people who are in love with Lviv, its culture and generosity, its aromas and a special inspirational aura. Here the creativity and business sense, philosophy and sports passion will live in peace. Here, as in Lviv, guests will be greeted with hospitably from every part of the world.

Modern European architecture, combined with the present atmosphere of the city of Lion, will now become the decoration of Kyiv. Panoramic windows will add air space. The convenient planning of apartments will leave a good impression for every resident. The same concerns to the infrastructure: in the complex, there are areas for a supermarket, shops, beauty salons, restaurants, cafes, fitness centers.

We are also seriously considering the issue of security in the residential complex Lvivsky Kvartal - it's a closed complex with security, own courtyard, playgrounds, and squares. It will be peaceful for you and your children here.



Shopping center
Fitness center
Children's playgrounds
Modern elevator
Convenient traffic interchange
Comfortable accommodation
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